Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My first skirt in ages and it's a Nautical chic Grainline Studios Moss!

So, this weekend I made this little number! After a week of making a complete fail garment (the less said about it the better!), I decided to go for something that has some challenges in the manufacture; namely the fly zip, but should be less challenging in the fit - it has got to be easy to fit a mini skirt! 
I read last week that Jen @ Grainline Studios had revamped her Moss Skirt pattern and released it on PDF, so it was a no-brainer to purchase and download it right away. I hadn't intended to make it this weekend, but the knot print fabric was calling out to me. Vigilant readers out there will remember this from my most recent shopping blog - it was an absolute steal from Sham Shui Po. I actually found this in a cardboard box outside one of the wholesalers on Yu Chau Street and for a princely sum of $25 HKD! Because they come bundled up, I couldn't make out how much fabric I was buying, but I loved the print, so took a risk. The fabric once unrolled was in two long strips. The strips were selvage to selvage and measured approximately 60cm each - plenty for a lovely mini skirt. The fabric itself is cotton twill with a little bit of stretch, so pretty much perfect! 

I decided to make the shorter version of the skirt, which meant less pieces to cut out, however when I was cutting I decided to add on 4cm to the length-just in case I preferred it slightly longer. The fly zip was certainly a challenge. I've not done one of these since my university days, so I certainly needed to read the instructions carefully. I didn't need to look at the photo instructions though, so I was pretty pleased with myself. I used a little metal zip that i've had floating around for a while - it worked out pretty well as you can see. 

I actually chopped off the extra hem that I added as I much preferred this as a short mini skirt. I even managed to do a 3cm hem, which added to the weight at the bottom. The skirt now hangs really well. 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to pattern match the front (not enough fabric), but the craziness of the print means that this wasn't that important. 

Overall, a really satisfying make. I really enjoyed the different processes, such as the pockets and the fly zip and it was awesome to have a garment completed in an afternoon. I think this will be getting some wear this summer and definitely in me-made-may '15! 


  1. Oh, that's a lovely fabric. You're right, the pattern doesn't show any unmatched parts in the front. I think I have to try a Moss skirt with some slightly stretchy fabric too. :) Looks great!

    1. Thank you so much Friederike! I was really lucky to find this little gem of a fabric. I now need to work out what to wear with it!