Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Trio of Colette Sorbetto's...

In a previous blog (here) I described a new version of the Colette Sorbetto that I had made for my trip to Singapore. This started a process of me making three new ones (or a trio) ready for my summer holiday. 

The first one is made from a lovely Liberty print Tana Lawn that I bought in Tokyo. I had never worked with Liberty fabric and didn't know how they felt. As soon as I saw them in the flesh and most importantly had a feel, I fell in love! They are so soft and light, absolutely perfect for summery tops. The print I went for is a kind of birdcage/candelabra/floral in blue, red, yellow and green on an off white background. I just loved the busy pattern and the colour combination.

This top features hidden binding around both the neck and armholes. It was the first version that I decided to extend by approximately 4cm to allow it to be more flattering to my figure. 

 The second Sorbetto I decided to make is again from a fabric I bought in Tokyo. This time it is a cotton lawn with panda print! I loved the chubby panda drawings and thought it would make a really cute top - I was right! 

The colour combination is black on off-white, which is something that I don't own. It fits in nicely with my summer wardrobe. With this version I decided to have a visible binding around the neck and a hidden binding around the armholes. 

The final Sorbetto in this trio is made from a checkered cotton off cut from my True Bias Southport Dress (here). I really love the colour combination, but because I'm not 100% in love with the Southport, I needed to make a different garment in this fabric. The Sorbetto seemed like a good choice. The bold colours mean that it looks like a completely different top to the others that I have already made. Plus, these colours will look great with jeans or denim shorts. 

I decided to use the same pre-made bias tape around the neck and armholes as my Southport as it would not be seen. This made the manufacture of this top incredibly quick - I would say from cut to finish, it took me 2 hours (super speedy!). I added two matching blue buttons to the centre pleat to add a feature. It breaks up the checks well. 

The Colette Sorbetto is such a great (FREE) pattern. I have been through a few versions and have tweaked the fit, the shape of the neckline and the length. It is now such a perfect top for both my figure and the summer season, it just made sense to make 3! I hope you agree. If you haven't downloaded it, you need to. You will have just enough time to fill up your summer wardrobe. 


  1. Love your Sorbetto's Sophie. It's a great little top to showcase a lovely print! The Liberty print is awesome x I also love the red and blue checked one too!
    At last count I have made four.
    Although I had to charity shop my white polka dot pin-tucked Sorbetto because I had been a bit too reckless with the French seams and it ended up too tight for comfort. I def want to make another pin-tucked one it looked soooo cute x

    1. I'm going to have a clear out of me mades. There are a few that I just don't wear. It feels wrong though, how did you get over that?

    2. It wasn't too bad taking them to the charity shop because I have photos of all my makes on my blog. I felt I had learnt something from them and if I want to check them out again - just look at my blogpost.
      It makes room for new better makes too! Although having said that my wardrobe is getting a bit out of control!

  2. Brilliant fabric choices! Those pandas are great :)

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to breaking it out on holiday :)