Saturday, 27 September 2014

My Mathilde is finished!

Ok, so I decided to buy the tiny table from Japan Home Centre... I was so excited to complete my two WIP's it seemed like a good idea. Plus, I can use it to put my Christmas tree on when my desk arrives. 

With my temporary sewing area set up, I began the task of completing my WIP's and namely my Mathilde. The written instructions included in the PDF download are absolutely fine for most stages of manufacture, although if I was a beginner I might have struggled. Thankfully when things got tough (the button stand and facing) I had Tilly's helpful photographic instructions on her website to assist. All in all, this was a thoroughly enjoyable make, I loved the variety of different stages and putting the buttonholes in was really fun! My new Bernina was super reliable and did a great job on the manual buttonhole setting. 

I had decided to do my Mathilde with short sleeves as the full sleeves that feature in the official pattern wouldn't be great in Hong Kong. I thought I would get more wear out of short sleeves. I think that the sleeves look great! They're very full, but that will help with HK weather and makes a really feminine shape. 

I recommend this pattern to anyone that wants something interesting to make. The instructions are very good, especially the photographic tutorials online. I'm certainly considering a second Mathilde to add to my rapidly increasing handmade wardrobe. 


  1. Super cute and very neat pint tucks there Sophie! What buttons did you go for in the end?
    If I ever get around to making another Mathilde i think I will make version two with either short sleeves or go for long sleeves without the fullness. And make it in a plain fabric to show case the pintucks.

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    1. Yes I would def go for a lighter fabric (my 'bunting' Mathilde is too heavy-a-weight cotton and if effects the drape). Think I'll make a plain red, black, green or blue chambray Mathilde for my next one. I have also got Tilly's book and have cut out the Margot PJ's - my next sewing challenge is to make some trousers since I wear loads for work.

  3. I've been waiting to make the Lilou dress in the 50's vase fabric. I laid it all out this afternoon and my fabric isn't wide enough! i'm going to have to do another Mortmain instead.