Friday, 26 September 2014

Planning my pattern hacks!

I am now without a sewing table! My dining table has broken and sewing is a no go until my new sewing desk arrives on Tuesday (I know, Tuesday!!!). I'm considering getting a put up table to get me through the next few days, but this depends on whether i can find one. Japan Home Centre is my next stop!

My main focus at the moment is sketching out some pattern hack ideas with some of the patterns I've used recently. Variations on The Mortmain by Gather and the Sorbetto by Colette. I'm filling my tiny little sketchbook with lots of possibilities and ideas for when i have finished my current WIP's.

Still on my table is my nautical top collection. An anchor print Sorbetto and a boat print Mathilde. I can't wait to get going on them, but I suppose i'll have to make do with sketching. There are worse things...

1 comment:

  1. Bad news about your sewing table : (
    Your fashion sketches look great - you should add little swatches of your fabric too. I'm loving the little Peter Pan collar Sorbetto - what fabric are you going to make that out of?
    I have officially finished my Dissertation now - sooooooooooooooo happy about that!!!
    No sewing for me for a while though I am oiling my newly laid oak floor and have to sort out bathrooms ready for the guys to template corian (man-made marble-like material) for all the shower walls and floors! Yes its a big job - I am going to do some mega posts on my blog with before and after shots for each room when its finished.