Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fashionary - a review...

One of the new additions to my sewing mission is a 'Fashionary'. This great little red book is now always in my bag for whenever I feel inspired. The front of the book features lots of information about different styles of garments, fabrics and industry shows. The content would be great for newcomers to garment design and manufacture as it opens your mind to new ideas. It has certainly acted as a refresher for me. 

The rest of the book features pages of outlines to design onto. The figures are made up of red dots, so they are not obvious when you draw onto them. Although i'm quite used to drawing fashion drawings, having outlines gives me more freedom to be creative. I'm no longer thinking about the shape of the figure, i'm purely thinking about the garments. 

I bought my Fashionary from the new Page One in Harbour City. It comes in several different cover designs and is well worth buying if you like designing and making your own clothes. 

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