Saturday, 25 October 2014

Too many Knitted fabric choices?!

I finally made the trip to Sham Shui Po to look at my knitted fabric options for the various projects that I have in mind. There are far too many choices and I went to two shops I had seen on a previous trip. The first shop was Kam Fung Trading Company, which stocks so many different knitted fabrics. This includes sweatshirt knits and t-shirt weight jersey's, which are on my list to buy. I'm primarily looking for stripes as you can see from my photographs, but I was drawn in by the cotton, quilted sweatshirt fabrics. I love this one below, which is a plaited effect!

The other fabric shop I went to was 'Bowa', which was next door to the other knitted shop on Yu Chau Street. This shop stocks lots of knitted jerseys that are primarily plain. They also sell a lot of different ribbed jerseys, which is also on my 'to buy' list.  The ones below are a mix of cotton(95%) and spandex(5%) and have a nice width of rib suitable for collars and cuffs of sweatshirts (ideal for my Linden!). 


  1. Those quilted ones look ace for a sweatshirt. What colour are you going to choose?

  2. I can't decide! I want to choose one stripe and one quilted to co-ordinate with the same rib as I have to buy 5 yards of that too. Any advice?

  3. How about a quilted body with striped raglan sleeves an solid ribbed cuff and hems.... just what colour? You need to go with your capsule colours of red / blue / striped theme although you can't go wrong with a classic heather-grey sweat?! Too many choices.