Saturday, 18 October 2014

My upcoming projects - Negroni and Linden

On my sewing table I have two projects waiting for me. One is my first dabble into menswear. I have decided to make a Colette Negroni for my husband. I've had a 'great' idea to make festive garments for each of us as we are heading to the UK for a family Christmas. I'm making a skirt for myself - probably a picnic blanket one. I figured that a shirt would be good for my hubby. 

So in preparation I have decided to do a test shirt. I bought some $10HKD a yard checked fabric from Sham Shui Po to try with. I've got it all cut out ready to go. Slightly nervous about it, but the instructions seem pretty clear. I have made a shirt before during my degree, so I'm hoping my memories of that returns!

The second project waiting for me is the new Linden sweatshirt by Grainline Studios. I have yet to make one of their patterns. With winter approaching, I was super happy when they released this gem! I took a trip to the 'knitted fabric' part of Sham Shui Po a couple of weeks back, but didn't purchase anything. The options we're overwhelming, so I need to donate a lot of time to the selection process. I saw so many different knits, including copious amounts of sweatshirt knits, I might have to make a few!  I will blog my experiences when I've been. The challenge of buying knitted fabrics is always an interesting one. 

Chances are that I will end up adding other projects to my list, but that's an exciting prospect! Watch this space...


  1. I have thought about buying the Grainline Linden sweat-shirt but can't decide whether I like the Capital Chic White Russian sweat-shirt better... maybe I'll wait to see how your Linden turns out. I love Grainline patterns - such really clear instructions.
    After a bit of stagnation on my blog I will be starting a shirt-dress project on Tuesday and I've been researching what colour wool fabric I'll use for a winter coat that I'll be making in November.

  2. Sweatshirts definitely make up most of my winter wardrobe, so i'll be making a few of that type of top. I didn't buy much in the way of winter clothes last year because I didn't need them (the winter is a quite short here!). I made my Coco in a sweatshirt fabric, so that's the first one added to the collection. I'm also going to make some lightweight version of it too - i think the shape suits my figure. I've checked out the Capital Chic one, but i think I prefer the Linden. I've had a good look at jersey fabric in the fabric district here in Hong Kong and the choices are endless! I'm going to post a blog on the options. You can buy from wholesalers for really lovely quality fabrics, but the minimum is 5 yards, so if you need anything, give me a shout. You would absolutely love the fabric shopping here!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your winter coat fabrics, what style are you going for?