Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Moon Yue Piece Goods - A review...

Knowing that I had a busy week at work, I scheduled a well earned trip to Sham Shui Po. I was showing a friend the sights at Moon Yue Piece Goods. This is a gem that I found a month or so ago after following some recommendations online. 

After climbing to the first floor, you find yourself in a goldmine of silks, wools and cottons. The collection of fabric is immense and you literally can't see everything in one visit. This is because the rolls are tightly packed on top of each other and you have to battle to reveal the hidden fabrics. 

I had a project in mind, so I was looking for a silk fabric for a blouse. I wanted something quite drapey, but opaque. The choice was epic, but my eyes were drawn to a bright blue silk with a flower and leaf design. It's a particularly random fabric choice for me, but I just kept coming back to it. It's certainly unusual enough to make a blouse that doesn't look shop bought. At just $60HKD a yard, it was an unbelievable price for pure silk. 

Before I left the shop, I noticed a royal blue and white spotty fabric on a bottom shelf. After having a feel of it, I knew that it was a lovely quality. The shop owner informed me that it was $20HKD per yard! For a 100% cotton fabric, it was an amazing deal! I went for 3 yards in case I wanted to make a dress from it, although I still don't have any plans for it. It will add to my slowly growing stash until I make some decisions. In the meantime, I will push on with my silk blouse plans. Watch this space...

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